Welcome to the 3rd Baltic Winner Show, which will be held in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia!
The concept of this show was approved in FIFe General Assembly 2015, when a proposal was carried to allow Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to annually organize a Baltic Winner Show in one of the three Baltic countries, under the same conditions as the Scandinavian Winner show.

EKL FELIX,  FIF‘e Member in Estonia, with great pleasure welcomes all cat friends from all over the world to participate in the Baltic Winner Show.

All cats must be qualified according to FIFe Show Rules - http://fifeweb.org (Rules & Forms - Show Rules)
This will be a one certificate show. Judging and nominations will take place on Saturday, Best In Shows – on Sunday.
Exhibitors will present their cats for judging (with the exception of Best in Show).
Cats must be present in their show cages at the show hall both days.
Certificates will be handed out on Sunday.
Certificates achieved in Baltic Winner Show will be considered as certificates obtained in any foreign country.
Each cat winning at the Best In Show will receive the Baltic Winner (BW) title. The winning cats will have the BW title registered in their pedigree placed before the full name.

Veterinary examination :
Vet check is obligatory for all cats entering show hall. All cats must have a valid vaccination booklet/certificate, be healthy and free from infections and parasites. It is obligated for all cats to be vaccinated against respiratory virgqal diseases and panleucopenia, at least 21 days before the show , but no longer than the date the authorised veterinarian or official veterinarian has stated in section of the pet passport . Rabies the validity period of the vaccination starts from establishment of the protective immunity but not earlier than in 21 days after primary vaccination and remains valid until the date the authorised veterinarian or official veterinarian has stated in section V of the pet passport. Revaccination must be considered a primary vaccination if it was not carried out within the period of validity referred to in the above clause (e) of the previous vaccination. Apply for Rabies only. The 21-days waiting period does not apply in case revaccination was executed during the validity period of the previous vaccination . Pedigree and proof of vaccination as well as hearing certificate for white cats has to be shown. All cats must have their nails cut before the show.
Please note! FIFe and EKL Felix show rules apply at all time. Exhibitors are responsible for the health and behavior of their cats for all time. 
Exhibitors may present their cats to the judging themselves, except for BIS. Cats must be in decorated cages until official end of the Show.

The number of chairs is limited, please use your own chairs.
For women: please do not use high-heeled shoes to avoid damage to the flooring.

Registration is open from February 09, 2018 till May 10, 2018.
E-mail for registration - showfelixclub@yahoo.com
Documents, which approve the qualification, must be sent with the entry-forms.

Classes 01-12 and 14 -  65 EUR per each entry;
for members of FELIX – 50 EUR per each entry;

Our bank account:

Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn
Reg. number: 10060701

Size of cages is 65x65x65 cm.
Own cages allowed to use if you informed in entry-form.

Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotell Tallinn
Please use the code FELIX for booking !!!
NB ! The Gala Dinner also will be in the Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotell Tallinn
Information about Gala Dinner will coming soon .

If you wish to place your advertisement in show catalogues, please send your applications to eklfelix@yahoo.com until May 25, 2018.
Prices for advertisements, incl.VAT:
Colourful A5 – 50 EUR
Black & White A5 – 30 EUR

If you are interested in sponsorship, please send an e-mail to eklfelix@yahoo.com

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